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Thought for this Week

Suffering: not the end

God is working on us to make us better, wait patiently He will finish His work......  More
News & Views
Church offers support for the 5th child
Not to be ashamed of having more children, Church will stand with you. .... MORE
'Grace & Peace' e-Periodical      
095   7/12    Power of Truthfulness
Integrity gives us matchles strength; hypocrisy & inconsistency make us weak. More .
Articles & Studies
Study notes on 1 Timothy   Study notes on Timothy based on classes taken at Bethel, Santacruz, Mumbai More
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Heart of India Calling'- Pressing needs of the rural area      By Shalu T. Ninan   20min   2.91MB  

Christian's behaviour in the family  Study 1Peter 3:1 --7   48min   7MB
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