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Issue No.143 May, 2017
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The immutability of God

The immutability of God is a truth that should encourage and warn every child of God. Our God is an unchanging God. Everything changes. The heavens, the earth and all that is in it keep on changing. The society, the fashions and life style, even technology etc are bound by this law of change. Such amendment is needed because mortal man is finite and imperfect. He needs to rectify the wrong and improve the way of life.
      But God doesn’t need to change. He is perfect. He is the same yesterday, today and forever. In fact He cannot change. This immutability is an essential attribute of God. Notice certain specific areas where His immutability is very much visible.

1. His nature does not change. 2Tim 2:13

The change that takes place in the attitude or actions of man does not affect God. God as a person has no variation at all.

2. His attributes.

God’s eternal qualities remain forever. He is still omnipotent, omnipresent and omniscient. God is always good; no one can force Him to change His goodness.

3. His purposes. Heb 6:17; 1Sam 15:29; Jam 1:17; Psa 33:11

His decisions and counsels will stand for ever. The judgements are always consistent with His eternal qualities and purposes. So it will be final and eternal.

4. His words. Matt 24: 35

It’s closely connected to the above. The scripture, the word of God will never change. What a wonderful truth it is. We are witnesses today of the unchanging characteristic of the word. In spite of all the scientific advancement and other developments the Bible remains true, relevant and meaningful.

5. His promises. Heb 10:23

Whatever promises God made, He will faithfully accomplish them at the right time. He never makes a false promise. How many times we have tasted the goodness and faithfulness of our Lord! Oh, yes our LORD is an unchanging God in every aspect.

Practical implications:Heb 10:23

The above mentioned truth about our God has some practical applications in our personal life. It should affect our day to day life.

a. Continue to trust in Him.

In spite of all the adverse circumstances, we can keep on trusting the Lord, for He does not change. Sad, we often tend to trust man more than God. Not only it is foolishness, it’s an insult to the LORD too. In fact, He alone is trust-worthy and true forever. Cf. Jer 17: 5 – 8; Isa 2:22; Psa 146: 3, 4.

b. Continue to live for Him. 2Cor 4:18

In the midst of all the sufferings, what made Paul not to be disappointed or discouraged was the eternal things God has planned for him. All our effort for the worldly things is temporary and it will perish. At the same time the effect of our hard work, time that we spent, resources we made use for the Lord will stay perpetually. Cf. 1Cor 7:31; 1John 2:17. So, continue to live for the Lord. Its worth even to die for our God, for His purposes and promises alone will be fulfilled.

c. Continue to follow Him. Heb 13: 7, 8.

c. Continue to follow Him. Heb 13: 7, 8. Leaders will come and go, the Lord Jesus alone remains the same yesterday, today and forever. Following this Master will not be a waste. It’s wise to follow Him alone, for He will guide us forever even to glory. Cf. Psa 73: 23, 24.

d. Return to Him. Mal3:6, 7

Reminding His immutability the Lord encourages the people of Judah to return to Him. Yes, it’s always true; the only reason why we are not being consumed is the unchanging promises of God. He does not change His word. So we can always go back to Him for forgiveness and reconciliation. Cf. Lam 3: 22 – 24.
      The best loving and righteous person would change. Man will cancel their promises and forget their words. Man will be affected by the mood and actions of another person. But God remains the same. So, we can definitely come to God at any time fully believing His words.

e. Fear Him. Jer 4: 27 – 28

Another important response in view of the divine immutability is our fear to Him. What He spoke remains true. His judgment is final. Our sin and rebellion will be dealt with. He is holy and expects His people to be holy. Our failure to fear Him and walk in His way in all holiness will be costly for us in the days to come. Cf. 2Peter 3:11, 12.
      Today’s law enforcing agencies and law interpreters might change their decisions and judgments. Even the law makers themselves change. They enact a law and then cancel or amend it! But God Almighty the unchanging one has made a decree He does not need to modify it. Then whom shall we fear more. Let us fear God above all and live accordingly.
      What a comfort and caution this truth instils in our heart. We love and serve an unchanging God. In our pilgrimage through this uncertain and perishing world let us focus on the faithfulness and immutability of God to live a courageous and holy life.

“God may change our circumstances, but our circumstances never change God.”

_____________________  John Blanchard  

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