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Issue No.130 February, 2016
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In this issue:-

Stay Well Till the End

          A good beginning is definitely an achievement in itself, for many do not even begin in spite of their best dreams and schemes. However, it’s also true that a brilliant beginning is not enough; one should progress and finish in equal measure.
        Scripture presents the stories of many great men who started well but ended up miserably. Their life stories give us valuable lessons on how to escape such a tragedy in the future, even after starting well. Uzziah the king of Judah is one of them. He reached the highest position but faced a very sad end. Cf. 2Chorinicles 26: 3 – 21.


At the age of sixteen he became the king of Judah. Spirit of God very clearly mentions that he did what was right in the sight of the Lord. He purposely sought the Lord and listened to a godly counselor. God began to bless such a submissive and humble man marvelously. His achievements are manifold:

  1. Re-captured the land that philistines took away.
  2. Built many towers, building and walls.
  3. Dug up many wells, improved agriculture produce. He loved the soil.
  4. Modernized the army with more skillful soldiers and sophisticated weapons.

Thus he became very great and famous. Neighboring kings even feared him and used to pay tributes. Under him, the kingdom of Judah prospered in every aspect.
        Under the old covenant it was the Lord’s promise to bless them even materially if they definitely seek His ways and do His will. Thus, all who sought the Lord with all their mind did enjoy blessings, prosperity and growth etc. cf. Gen 39:3; 2Chro 31:21; Psa 1:3. But under the new covenant He has not promised such prosperity or possessions on earth. Cf. Ephesians 1:3ff. Our blessings are heavenly and spiritual. Nevertheless the principle does not change.
        Our enjoyment of spiritual blessings and fruitfulness depend up on our daily walk with the Lord. Only when we seek God’s will and fulfill it we can enjoy uninterrupted spiritual blessings and joy. In other words, it is the promise and settled truth of the word of God that all who live in God’s ways will be blessed and used of God. Cf. Matthew 6:33; Psalm 84:11.


But the end of Uzziah was very pathetic; he became a leper, unceremoniously removed from the throne, away from the house of God. The word of God says, “But when he was strong, he grew proud, to his destruction. For he was unfaithful to the LORD his God”. 2Chronicles 26: 16a.
        It cannot be something that happened overnight. Remember he reigned 52 years. Though he was so humble and obedient in the initial days it seems gradually, as he became prosperous and strong, stopped listening to the counsel of the godly man or seeking the Lord. Thoughts of self-sufficiency, personal ability and worth etc blinded his eyes. He failed to distinguish between what is wrong and right in the sight of God. Burning incense to the Lord at the altar was not his job. Even became rebellious and arrogant that he refused to listen to those 80 priests who tried to stop him. Even as he was burning the incense in anger leprosy broke out on his forehead.
        Oh, how fearfully and reverentially we should approach success in life. The most dangerous state of life is when we realize that we have achieved and victorious in every area. Even as we climb the ladder of God’s blessings we should become more and more humble. Achievement in any area of life should make us meek and lowly, realizing that without the help of the Lord all these are vain. Overconfidence, self-will, rebellious attitude, ignoring the divine precepts etc are all destructive traits, often achievers are plagued with. No wonder the wise man prayed, “give me neither poverty nor riches…” Proverbs 3:8, 9.

The divine hands.

When no one could stop king Uzziah from taking over the priestly service, God did intervene. If man fails to handle such proud and haughty, the Lord knows how to do it. He is zealous for His glory. He will not allow his house to be in disorder, glory to be robbed and name to be defiled. 1Corinthians 3:17.
        Never underestimate the house of the Lord and the precepts laid out for our conduct before God. Fear Him always and be obedient, even as we enjoy God’s own blessings. Good to begin well, but let us continue in it, keep growing in the same path till the end. Cf. Hebrews 3:14; 6:11. May the Lord keep each of one of us close to Him and protect us from falling till the last day of our life. Jude v. 24, 25.

Out line:-

Some proud men of the Bible

  1. Amaziah 2Kings 14:10
  2. Uzziah 2Chronicles 26:16
  3. Hezekiah 2Chroinicles 32:15
  4. Belshazzar. Daniel. 5: 23, 24
  5. Nebuchadnezzar Daniel 6:20
  6. Herod Acts 12: 22, 23
All remain examples for ‘pride before destruction’.

Anecdote: -

The Wrong Measure

        A little boy came running to his mother, shouting, "Mother, I am nine feet high!" His mother said, "Don't talk such nonsense." He answered, "I really am nine feet high." She said, "What makes you think so?" "Because I measured myself."
        "How did you measure yourself?" "I took off my shoe and measured myself with that. It is just the same size as my foot, and I really am nine feet." "
        Oh, I understand now." said his mother, "but, Sonny, your measure was not the right one. You may be nine feet high measured by your shoe, but you are not that tall measured by a twelve-inch ruler."
        The Bible says that people, "measuring themselves by themselves ... are not wise." 2Corinthians 10:12

—Sunday School Times.

Praise & Prayer: -

Home Call: Mr. Michael Brown, Bath, UK.

  Lord’s servant Michael Brown went to be with the Lord on February 26, 2016 at the age of 84. He was undergoing treatment for bladder cancer in his home town Bath, UK.
        Many brethren in India who happened to know Bro. Brown personally will miss him so much. He was a regular preacher at various assembly based conventions and spiritual gatherings in India from the early eighties. Once he became aware of the need in Andhra Pradesh he frequently visited that state to encourage the brethren there. His sound teaching and commitment to the assembly principles made him dear to many. ….. MORE

Worthy Quotes:-


“He that is down fear no fall, he that is low, no pride”.

_____________________  John Bunyan.

“Pride is like a beard. It just keeps growing. The solution? Shave it every day.”

  _________ Author unknown.  

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